Technical Feasibility Update of Hyperloop Pods Good but Political Hurdles Remain

A reassuring update that the physics of the Hyperloop is indeed correct:

“Ansys ran the specifications through its software and didn’t see any red flags, said Sandeep Sovani, the director of land transportation strategy at Ansys.”

Thats great! All we need is real working test hyperloop! However…. there is dark part at the end of the article…

“That means it’s probably viable as far as physics are concerned. Of course, it doesn’t necessarily make it commercially viable, or even doable given NIMBYism and CEQA lawsuits.

The laws of physics are not as demanding in some ways as the laws governing development, as California’s own troubled high-speed rail project proves.”

Will people mind graceful arches across the landscape? Sure would be better than a highway or freight railway in my opinion.

So at the end of the day, it is a political hearts and minds mountain to summit. That is why Colorado is perfect for testing the system, we are a mile high citizenry, our goals are set high.

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