Stations of the Hyperloop

Getting ideas developed about how the hyperloop will actually work in regards to stations and boarding is ongoing. The latest big post about Hyperloop Stations comes from a Wired post and the designer Serge Roux. The images of the station are amazing.

Serge Roux Hyperloop Station

Amazing. There are alot of great ideas in this post.

The main advantages of this solution are as follow:
Reduced footprint. Achieving peak flow rates by multiplexing platforms and turntables (initial intent) would requires anywhere from 100% to 200% more footprint depending on implementation.

System simplification. By removing the need for turntables and potential multiple airlocks, the system is robust and less prone to local failures

Increased embark/disembark time. This station design allows 20% more time to embark or disembark than the original intent (from 2.5 to 3minutes), without sacrificing throughput

Design consistency. This station makes Hyperloop, well, an actual loop.


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