Ten Front Range Stations, One Really Fast Ski Lift: A Colorado Hyperloop

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The Cities that would be included in the hyperloop would be:

  1. Fort Collins, CO
  2. Loveland, CO
  3. Longmont, CO
  4. Boulder, CO
  5. Broomfield, CO
  6. Denver, CO
  7. Castle Rock, CO
  8. Colorado Springs, CO
  9. Pueblo, CO

In the above map it would take 4 hours 1 min in perfect traffic conditions to go 193 mi along I-25.

If the hyperloop went 250 mph it would take 55 mins.

If the route includes Greeley, it would look something like this… maybe…

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I am not sure if this would be possible, due to it being far east of a North-South Front Range hyperloop backbone) Faster, you could go the 233 miles, including Greeley, in 30 mins by traveling around 466 mph. Or if you went 900 mph, it would cover the 233 miles in 15 mins. 

But I am not sure if this would be possible, due to Greeley’s placement far east of a North-South Front Range hyperloop backbone and who knows if Cheyenne, Wyoming would want to be apart of the hyperloop.

A good Colorado analogy is that the hyperloop would be exactly like a fast ski lift, and a lot safer.  Just imagine… You go to a kiosk at the Hyperloop station, buy a ticket, wait to be placed into a pod that is going to a pre selected city, have your cargo placed in the pod with help from staff, you are secured in the pod, wait for the timing of insertion into the main hyperloop, accelerated to speed, watch monitors that display your location moving across map,  after 6 mins you decelerate, 20 seconds later the hatch opens to your pod, you collect your cargo and walk out of the station in the heart of another Front Range city.