The Future Is Already Under Construction

The title of this post, The Future Is Already Under Construction, came from an exhibition called Rights of Way: Mobility and the City at the BSA Space Center for Architecture and Design.

The Future Is Under Construction photo
The Future Is Under Construction

I think it sums up the Colorado Hyperloop pretty well. I will be going back there to take more notes. Below is a description of the exhibition from:


Exhibition Opening:
December 5, 2013

Exhibition Closing:
May 26, 2014

Rights of Way: Mobility and the City is a global exploration of mobility and transportation in cities. The exhibition features dozens of examples of visionary urban thinking, showing how the city is shaped by the ways people move through it.

Curated by James Graham and Meredith Miller of MILLIGRAM-office, Rights of Waydemonstrates that our urban environment is the result of constant negotiation among designers, policy makers, the private sector, and individual residents. By claiming that access to mobility is access to opportunity and that everyone has his or her own “right of way,” this future-oriented show reveals how those public rights are always at play in the shared commons of the city. The exhibition examines large-scale urban futures, contemporary examples of innovative design for transit and public space, historical attempts at remaking the city, and individual adaptations of mobility systems. Rights of Way also includes three projects from the 2012 Audi Urban Future Award, focusing on three megaregions: the Pearl River Delta in China’s Guangdong Province; São Paulo; and the Boston–Washington, DC (BosWash) Corridor. Displays include renderings, drawings, photography, videos, infographics, and a media library that allows visitors to delve further into the issues raised by the exhibition content.