Sustainable Development Priorities for the Colorado Hyperloop

Sustainable development will only be achieved by honoring the priorities of Colorado citizens. Focusing on the users is important to any architecture and transit system. The below video highlights this focus, and defines it as The Human Scale.

While nobel, this goal is hard to reach. That is why he nonprofit Sustainable Colorado would a great facilitator for discussions of the sustainability of the Colorado Hyperloop.

Below is a wee bit about their organization:

The Alliance for Sustainable Colorado (the Alliance) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming sustainability from vision to reality. Serving as the backbone for sustainability in Colorado, the Alliance forges decisions, secures commitments, accelerates implementation, and mobilizes a growing movement in sustainability activating collaboration and convening thought leaders. Envisioning a Colorado where connected, empowered, and sustainable communities have fulfilled their potential economically, environmentally, and socially, the Alliance offers programs, tools and demonstration models to meet this vision.
We work to make Colorado the national leader demonstrating that sustainability can be a reality by being Colorado’s Hub of Sustainability and changing paradigms.

As Colorado’s Hub of Sustainability, we connect changemakers to increase their impact and innovative ideas toward advancing sustainability.  We provide shared office space and programming to enhance the productivity and innovation of The Alliance Center tenant-partners.  We also conduct educational events that share examples of what’s working.  The environment of The Alliance Center is one that enables important collaborations to happen organically, which is what is truly needed in order to advance sustainability.

Sustainable Colorado would need to clarify the intended meaning of “sustainable” and whether they could sponsor legislation for the “sustainable” Colorado Hyperloop.

Making everyone more aware of the sustainability goals of the Hyperloop will avoid:

“justified confusion, scepticism and even public and academic cynicism about the subject. This confusion should not, however, be allowed to undermine the benefits of the work done to promote poverty alleviation and environmental protection.”

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