Spring & Summer 2019 Update: It’s time to act on the climate crisis.

What would a Hyperloop system look like in Colorado? Imagine using on demand, fast, affordable, emissions-free, safe and accessible to everyone travel.

Carbon emissions reduction is a major reason why people are interested in hyperloop.

Cleaning up Colorado’s air will require not just reducing pollution from a few dozen smokestacks scattered across the state, but addressing the millions of tailpipes that travel its roads every day, including DIA’s flight & ground ops too and DIA is expected to have more passengers than ever

So we look to Europe for what might happen in the future. Dutch airlines KLM is encouraging people to stop flying and take other more sustainable modes of transportation like train and bus. Hyperloop companies have always stated that their value is in reducing the high emissions of regional air travel.

Hardt Hyperloop is the first in Europe to complete a functional test hyperloop system. Hardt has developed a “lane-switching mechanism that allows us to build a hyperloop network in the near-future” said Mars Geuze, CCO Hardt Hyperloop during their Grand Reveal. The lane-switching technology allows hyperloop vehicles to change from one lane to another without additional or moving components. This enables the vehicles to retain their high speeds, effortlessly switch routes, and merge in and out of the network and Hardt is working now on a 3-kilometer track and European Hyperloop Centre. 

So how does this relate to Colorado? The recent press of pro Front Range Passenger rail as well as individuals who initially support passenger rail along with cities in Colorado but now support bus systems… make a confusing news landscape. “While expanding Bustang would cost millions, or perhaps tens of millions, that’s a tiny amount compared to the billions rail would likely cost.” ColoradoHyperloop.com fully supports expanded bus routes connecting all parts of rural and urban Colorado… as well as rail!

On the whole, everyone is disappointed by the confusion, delay and lack of completion of transportation infrastructure projects in Colorado. Even on the anniversary of RTD’s founding 50 years ago, Colorado is still hamstrung by the lack of non-car based regional infrastructure and taxation to pay for improvements to transportation. 

“Colorado without railroads is comparatively worthless.” Colorado Territorial Governor John Evans and Colorado would not be the Queen City of the Plains without rail. Even trains from Golden to Longmont, via Denver and Boulder, took 5 years to build 1868 to 1873. Five. Years. 

We are proud that the Governor of Colorado, companies and citizens are at the forefront of decarbonizing transportation. We all know that the Front Range air quality is terrible, but Colorado Legislature’s efforts are showing some improvement in ozone pollution.

We applaud the efforts of Colorado Springs, they are looking to a future of not only rail between cities on the Front Range, but also connecting Amtrak’s Southwest Chief (Chicago to Los Angeles to to Colorado Springs from Pueblo) to LA. First though, they need to build a new city transit hub and the entire state of Colorado needs to introduce more people to careers in construction. Fort Collins is also very interested in the idea of Front Range Passenger Rail. 

ColoradoHyperloop.com has always supported trains in Colorado. Hopefully, we as a state have learned the lesson of not building trains to DIA in 1995 & build a front range rail in a decade. Again, Hardt Hyperloop is planning and has concept art of their pod interior showing bus, metro, regional trains, e-bike & robotaxi fleets.

But we as a state of Colorado need to think about funding transportation. “The prediction is that TABOR refunds could amount to $1.3B over the next 3 years — unless voters agree to let the state use that money for transportation & education.”  Unless more funding is generated, RideRTD staff now say that a passenger rail line to Boulder and Longmont won’t open in full capacity until after 2050, though under one scenario limited service may begin in 2042 unless RTD finds another way to fund investments in transportation. 

Voters could soon see another request for more money for passenger rail and we support CDOT is exploring a plan that could involve a 2020 ballot measure to help fund passenger service from Fort Collins to Trinidad. 

2050 seems like a long time from now. Why build a #hyperloop or train in Colorado connecting front range cities before 2050? Because we need to lower greenhouse emissions. Families in Sweden know and are glad there are groups like Ouro Mobility that are studying user habits for sustainable personal mobility. 

Can CDOT find a way to build a 173-mile passenger rail system along the Front Range? We hope so, but we also hope for Hyperloop in Colorado. 

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