Printing Up a Hyperloop and Structural Arches vs Pillars

Well done Jerry Ropelato, CEO of WhiteClouds, maybe the Colorado Hyperloop can be expanded to Ogden, Utah!

If I had a 3d printer I would have tried to design the hyperloop too. First heard about it here: but then saw the real deal at the creators website:

“While the Hyperloop will take some time and advances in technology to come to fruition, 3D printing has already left the pages of science fiction and is impacting the way we conceptualize and build objects. Maybe by time the Hyperloop transit system is ready to be built, it will be 3D printed.”

What a great design process.

In my mind, I have always thought that a Hyperloop system would have graceful arches across the land. Pillars make it look like a oil pipeline. Arches convey minimalism, elegance and swiftness, which would help when it has to go through your backyard….

 Here is what I envision (only rotated so the green is at the bottom).

Crucially I envision that the material that the arches are made out of is a easy to print or pour. Like a foam or something, it would be very lightweight but stronger than concrete. This new material would be a white color (looks like a cloud), the hyperloop tube would still have solar panels on top. 
So lets now get a fully functioning, 3d printed hyperloop up and running in Colorado! 

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