One Page Proposal, for Leading Edge Globalization

This is kind of a Sci-Fi post. In it I imagine Hyperloop systems. Having multiple Hyperloops enabled better and more efficient travel. 

Make the worlds fastest means to travel, that uses the least energy, enabled a new wave of globalization that was predicted but unimaginable in its rapid change. 
By Connecting the major population centers, world politics changed dramatically because people were taken by surprise of the dramatic democratization that resulted in this seemingly expensive travel means. 
Via the cheap solar energy consumption of the hyperloop, it enabled incredibly cheap travel. The worlds population changed to become more aware of the environment, refugees, global health and lowering economic poverty. Tourist became a lifestyle. 
Government became more transparent, the hyperloop strengthened community ownership via its many hubs and transfer points around the globe. The builders of the system forged strong partnerships with the carbon neutral engineers. The system is founded on its self-sustainable and efficient system. In a sense it enabled every citizen that the hyperloop whisked away to integrate social entrepreneurship into their lives. The maintenance and social interaction of visitors helped communities remain accountable to their own community, but also cultivated ownership of their new community. 
Action Requested:
 Money to make a test system in Colorado. Rapid testing and prototyping. 
Thus, the reason why I have such an optimistic and utopian view of humanity post hyperloop build is because of this: Survey of Earliest Human Settlements Undermines Claim That War Has Deep Evolutionary Roots. Specifically “research nonetheless contradicts simplistic arguments that war is the inevitable result of competition for resources or innate male aggression.” Hyperloop won’t eliminate war but I think it will indeed contribute to making wars smaller, exactly what Small Wars Journal mission is about: “War is never purely military, but today’s Small Wars are even less pure with the greater inter-connectedness of the 21st century.” about:

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