NYC 2nd Ave Line Helps Front Range Hyperloop

Above is a very interesting video by the New York Times on the new 2nd Ave. Subway.

Key points that can be derived for the Colorado Hyperloop include alot of project finance but also good old human to human interaction.

  • Cities are difficult places when building transit lines
    • watch out for sewer, water, gas and even electrical lines.
    • Neighborhoods are impacted due to construction zones and often take a hit economically.
    • Density of people per square mile + daily ridership public transit = transportation system that makes the city exist.
    • New transportation will affect current offices, things will change, losses will be had by those who are in the path of the transportation project. The construction firm cannot give money nor cut taxes but must keep building.
  • Funding
    • Federal government will decide to invest in project.
    • Private companies and investment firms pool money.
    • Quick 7 year timeline unveiled.
  • Partners
    • Make sure neighborhood people have a voice
      • Actions must be taken to improve quality of life during construction.
    • Building Company
      • Change hours of construction noise.
      • Encapsulate construction areas that produce dust.
  • Leave legacy of new Transit, but also legacy of less impact
    • Hyperloop will give freedom of people to go whenever they want, wherever they want along the front range.

It is apart of a video series called Living Cities. Another interesting video talks about whether New York City should update the bridges that feed the city.

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