More Reasons Funding and Ownership of Colorado Hyperloop Via Public Taxpayers

Started researching how funding could be done and came to the realization that a Chamber of Commerse will need too assist in getting support for big transport projects. I reached out to @policythatworks to ask if a hyperloop could be totally privately built… and he said “Biz community support usually necessary for big trans projects. 100% private almost unheard of. Even XpressWest needs public loans”

So the hunt for a way to get public backing in building it is on…
-Getting Colorado industry, business and higher education to work together for building a sustainable marketplace for a Colorado Hyperloop engineering project. As the article explained, and commenters highlighted, it will be interesting to see any success from the aeronautical companies despite N.C.’s extreme political legislature stance on many things that might help rekindle a modern high tech economy. Also highlights the role of a Chamber of Commerce
-Fire in a Tesla Model S, and what would happen if something like a fire affected a Colorado Hyperloop. The evolution of technology should always make things safer, so hopefully a hyperloop will be the most safe form of transportation technology.
-A clear warning of privatising  infrastructure projects.
-More about Denver’s Fastracks
-Great article on Federal funding of transport projects.

Then I had the realization that Colorado Goverment Wants to fund early stage projects like these. Here is more infor on that:  and here “Created in 2013 to promote growth and sustainability in these industries by helping drive innovation, accelerate commercialization, encourage public-private partnerships, increase access to early stage capital and create a strong ecosystem that increases the state’s global competitiveness.  – See more at: “

The Advanced Industries Accelerator Program is perfect. Maybe I should work with ET3 to start the ball rolling with the Colorado Hyperloop…

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