Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the Colorado hyperloop route go?

  • That is a great question! We are not sure. Different groups have different routes. ColoradoHypelroop.com wants to make sure that citizens have a voice in the route location. Technology shapes the cities we live in and we want the infrastructure to be as social as possible. Let us know what you think!

Is the Boring Company going to build a hyperloop tunnel from Denver to Boulder

  • The Boring Company is focused on making tunneling technology cheaper, and not focusing on Hyperloop systems just yet. We heard a rumor about a Colorado proposed project, but it is a rumor, even though we wish it was true.

Is ColoradoHyperloop the same as CDOT, AECOM and Hyperloop One?

  • No, we are not related and are independent of these great organizations. Colorado Hyperloop is a volunteer group that is passionate about hyperloop technology in our great state.

Where can I learn about CDOT, AECOM and Hyperloop One’s proposal?

Are there other Colorado groups working on Hyperloop technology? (Yes!)

How can I help out?

Are there other groups that are designing hyperloop?

Have a question you would like to see here?

  • Get in touch with us and we will try and answer it as best as we can.