Keeping Users of the Colorado Hyperloop Happy

How to keep the users of the Colorado Hyperloop happy?  Fix things that people complain about! The Denver Post article describing how RTD had more complaints this last year than the year before is enlightening.

People mainly complained about the timeliness of the buses and also bus drivers being discourteous.

In order for the Hyperloop to be working efficiently, timeliness has to be fixed. It has to be better than Swiss, Germans or Japanese trains.

Security and personal problems will always arise with a massive transit system. Luckily there will be no drivers of the hyperloop as it be controlled by computers. Hopefully, the Colorado Hyperloop will be a model to other public transportation systems with the lowest number of complaints.

Finally, RTD and the Colorado Hyperloop will need to keep users with disabilities at the forefront of their customer service.

Bruce Abel, RTD assistant general manager, told the board the agency recently reached an out-of-court settlement with the Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition, over access issues on RTD buses. RTD drivers will now be more stringent about not allowing passengers with strollers or carry-on bags into wheelchair access areas in trains and buses, Abel said.

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The hyperloop could be an amazing option for transportation for people with disabilities. With options like pre boarding into the hyperloop pods, it could minimizes time and hassle for their travels.

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