Japan has Maglev, USA got nothing

Just how far behind transportation is in the USA? Japan’s Maglev. Yet, even with their incredible transportation infrastructure, the Japanese are in a spot of trouble because the maglev project in incredibly pricy (but still not as expensive as normal-slow rail projects in the USA!).

Despite this, they are actively courting American leaders to set up the technology on the east coast corridor lines.

In my head, I still feel that the hyperloop would be cheaper to build. The smaller hyperloop pods, the sustainable solar PV on top, the Tubes arching above ground with minimal disturbance the land. All of these factors are why the hyperloop is a cheaper option than a Maglev. Also, we wouldn’t have to license the technology from Japan. Or we could work with the Japanese to build the hyperloop.

After a short googling on maglev vs hyperloop there are a number of technical challenges that both contend with. A good read  on the matter is this: http://evworld.com/blogs.cfm?authorid=173&blogid=1174

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