Identifying Colorado’s Transportation Problem – And Why a Hyperloop Will Help the World

Using the book Do Good Well to work this blog and movement. Chapter 4 works on understanding the problem, which I think I know. So, in the next series of posts I will work though the book to better guide leadership, action and social innovation for a Colorado Hyperloop.

In order to work on the problem of transportation in Colorado, we have to understand the cause of why it is needed.
Category: Hyperloop Transportation

  • State Level
    • The Problem: Budget cuts are affecting transportation in Colorado and environmental needs to reduce the brown inversion cloud over the front range. (See the brown cloud explained here:
    • Colorado Hyperloop Cause: Offers a great new way to cheaply, and energy efficiently, move people and cargo fast. Build a uniquely Colorado inspired transport system. 
  • National Level
    • The Problem: Typical mass transit projects and NIMBYs highlight a need to invest in cutting edge technology to develop regional and national plans for making journeys of under 300 miles more efficient between cities but also make the public aware of these benefits. 
    • The American Hyperloop: Create a super efficient, fast and clean 5th mode of transport along the front range to better connect the urban corridor will spur other regions to follow Colorado’s leadership. 
  • International Level
    • The Problem: Further urbanization and pressure on resources and road traffic will mean there needs to be a new fifth mode of transport to reduce older, inefficient ways of moving people. 
    • Hyperloop Open Source: Increase the development of the project by making it open source, and easier for everyone on earth to benefit from this mode of transportation. 
Strategy to implement the Colorado Hyperloop will need to start with a brainstorm… next time in Chapter 5. 

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