Hyperloop Tech

The Hyperloop can be made with today’s technology. However, there will be lots of new technology in areas like energy efficiency, development of pods and deployment of tubes. However, all of these technologies must be sustainable for the environment.

Pods speed through low-pressure—but not vacuum—tubes perched on pylons. Typically, as a pod moves through a snugly sized tube, it must push the column of air in front of it. That air would build up until it becomes unmanageably heavy—a constraint known as the Kantrowitz limit. But the Hyperloop design includes a fan at the front of the pod that pulls that air in and redirects it to the bearings, thus overcoming the Kantrowitz limit and simultaneously providing a low-friction suspension system. “He’s probably found something of a systemic sweet spot, which makes it kind of creative and interesting. It’s a physical option that really wasn’t on the table before,” says Jim Moore, a transportation engineer at the University of Southern California.


One Step Closer to a Hyperloop Reality in Colorado 

Today is a proud day for the innovators and trailblazers of Colorado. Colorado Hyperloop is thrilled to see the Cheyenne-Denver-Pueblo corridor advance to the final stage of the Hyperloop One Global Challenge. We remain committed to working with other public, private, professional, and passionate teams to test the feasibility of a Hyperloop in our great […]

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Hyperloop route times in Colorado and how you will get there

Colorado Springs to Denver in 12 minutes with point to point transportation. Wow! Hyperloop One has an amazing interactive website that will show you the various times it takes to travel in the Hyperloop vs conventional transportation. Check it out here: http://hyperloop-one.com/routes/ So how might you arrive and leave the cities? Arrivo Loop also has amazing renderings of their […]

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Venture with Colorado Hyperloop

Colorado Hyperloop is waiting for Hyperloop One’s results of the Hyperloop One Global Challenge. We are in communication with other teams and will create a blog post series of best practices from the other teams. Stay tuned! Colorado Hyperloop will be profiling all the candidates for the 2018 Colorado elections. We wish to collect transparent […]

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Colorado Hyperloop Video from Hyperloop One Vision for America Event

Thank you HyperloopOne & all Colorado citizens for your input & opinions presented at the Hyperloop One Vision for America event in DC early April.

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Vote now!

Vote for ColoradoHyperloop! We want your voice to shape the development of a safe, sustainable, community-driven Hyperloop in Colorado.

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Colorado’s “very strong” case at Hyperloop One’s Global Challange

As a Semifinalist, Colorado Hyperloop successfully presented to Hyperloop One’s panel of expert judges and advisors today in Washington, DC. Colorado’s unique geography, city and state buy-in, and amazing people make it a serious contender for this global prize. Today we shared our vision – your vision, as shared with us through surveys, Tweets, art, […]

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Final Countdown to Presentation time with Hyperloop Global Challenge: Sign the Colorado Hyperloop Letter of Support

Help us! Sign the Colorado Hyperloop Letter of Support, especially group that have members like Chamber of Commerce and even local government entities in Colorado. Show the hyperloop industry, federal government and Hyperloop leaders that Colorado wants a Hyperloop. Please share if you know them. Online Letter of Support Form Join the Colorado Hyperloop Newsletter Thank you to […]

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We want a Letter of Support from you!

Colorado Hyperloop will be presenting the Front Range Hyperloop corridor on April 5th & 6th at the Hyperloop One Global Challenge event in Washington, DC. We would like to gather Letters of Support from local communities, organizations and civic leaders to present to Hyperloop One in DC as well as industry, Federal, Congressional supporters that […]

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We want to know what you think! Help us improve!

Help us learn more about what you think of the Colorado Hyperloop! Your input will help us focus upcomming to be announced projects! Fill out the survey here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/GLBGDSY Also be sure to subscribe to our newsletter: http://eepurl.com/cHy7D1  

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Colorado Hyperloop Impact Art

Help shape the #Colorado #Hyperloop Development with Art! Use #cohyperloophere to share your ideas! pic.twitter.com/HXduvkKQdn — Colorado Hyperloop (@COHyperloop) January 27, 2017 Are you a citizen of Colorado that wants to see the development of the Hyperloop and make Colorado better? Are you interested in the opportunity to participate in one of the most dynamic […]

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