Hyperloop One Global Challenge Application Update

Colorado Hyperloop is still seeking partners for the Global Challenge Application. We are seeking anyone with an interest in the Hyperloop, or Colorado, from all sectors and government. Let us know via @COHyperloop or via “inthehyperloop at gmail . com”.

There is still time till October 28th! But we still need help on the following:


Please provide a description of your corridor. We are not only looking for transport corridors with lots of existing traffic. We want to identify corridors with the vision and drive to use Hyperloop to create traffic via a coordinated program of economic development and spatial development with Hyperloop as the enabling core strategic infrastructure.

 Strategic Transformation

We want you to think big here. Be creative. We are looking for quality and creativity of thinking about how Hyperloop could fundamentally change your corridor and region. We’ll give you a couple thought-provoking ideas, but this is not an exhaustive list. YOU tell us what’s important to unleash the strategic potential of Hyperloop on YOUR corridor.

Current Demand

To facilitate crafting the economic case for Hyperloop on your corridor, please provide historical, current, and projected population and economic output statistics along your corridor as well as details regarding passenger and cargo flows on your corridor.

Government Policy 

The methods of funding, permitting, and regulating infrastructure projects in your region will help us refine our analysis and understand your priorities.

Acceleration Plan

Bringing your great ideas to life will require hard work not only by Hyperloop One, but also by communities around the world. We want to know how you propose to coordinate, streamline, and accelerate all the processes required for new infrastructure development. We also want to know about investment entities interested in projects as well as specialist expertise within your group that would like to contribute to further study/development on your corridor.

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