Hyperloop Halloween: Spooky Stories From other Mass Transit Projects Part One: New York City

A recent New York Times Room for Debate post had four opinions, of which I concur with the ones that said state government must take mass transit system seriously. The views basically faulted down economists against labor but the reality in New York is the “M.T.A.’s pattern, despite rate hikes: more and more people wait longer and longer, for fewer trains.”


“In the coming months, the M.T.A. board will vote on its next budget – which so far does not slash service, but would raise fares in 2015 and 2017 despite a surprise surplus. But the proposals offer no long-term solution to chronic problems like overcrowding, a crushing debt and dwindling service.

This system is the heart of the largest economy in the nation. There has to be a better way to keep it pumping. So in the long term, what’s the solution to improve rail and bus service and keep the M.T.A. solvent?”

These pitfalls should be avoided for a Colorado Hyperloop. However, issues that might be too big are ones like health care costs for the workers, long term investment rates, debt management by State and Federal government, and subsidies for less well off people to use the Hyperloop. Other means of transport, highways, rail, airports, bus, cycle, walking, need to work seamlessly with the Hyperloop. Less well known are how other infrastructure companies and industries will lobby against a Hyperloop. Subsidies, contracts and egos are all factored into the complex political environment, especially when it comes down to the movement of people.

I haven’t even mentioned the chaos and poor planning that the Edinburgh Tram has encountered… http://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/news/transport/tram-route-cracks-before-launch-show-rushed-job-1-3140445

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