High Speed Transit Policy Blogs

The Front Range Hyperloop makes sense for Colorado. Its a straight North to South line though the most populous cities in the State. In Canada, most of the population lives along straight lines of connection too. Blogs like http://www.highspeedrailcanada.com/ do a great job in connecting the policy and technical dots, and deserves a hat tip from this humble blog. Well done, keep it up! HighspeedRail Canada  blogged about the Hyperloop and Elon Musk here: http://www.highspeedrailcanada.com/2013/09/hyperloop-magline-and-jetsons.html


Even though the post didn’t  delve into the positives of the hyperloop very much, it at least highlighted an important point. High Speed Rail should be a goal for both Canada and the US.  More needs to be done in eliminating the “cultural abyss” fear that investing in these technologies currently spark.

Hyperloop technology sparks the imagination. It could  be a superior mode of transport.

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