Help Hyperloop Design Team of Mechanical Engineeringat University of Colorado

Great news in that a Colorado student engineering group called Team HyperLynx has team for the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition! Best of luck! They have received press and you can check out their facebook page.

Our Mechanical Engineering senior design team at the University of Colorado, Denver will be building a Hyperloop pod and testing it at the Hyperloop competition, sponsored by SpaceX, in June 2016, held in Hawthorne, California. The pod will be designed and built at the University of Colorado, Denver by using advanced engineering techniques, supplemented with computer design and analysis.  Our project aims to raise enough money through Kickstarter, private companies, and competition funding to build a prototype Hyperloop pod.

Will be sure to follow their progress, and hopefully provide input from all of Colorado.

They are competing against dozens of other schools and even private companies to make a prototype for SpaceX.

“We use basically magnetic force to launch the pod inside the low pressure tube,” Cooper said…
The challenge for the students is to make their pod the fastest and the safest.

“We are going to design something that does not rely on external power sources or pressure to be safe,” Cooper added.

Aptly called Team Hyperlinx, the group is made up of mechanical engineering seniors

“We are trying to represent Denver, and make our school proud,” Cooper said.


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