Energy Generating Hyperloop

If the design of the hyperloop tubes are stacked vertically vs side by side horizontally (double barrelled) it will alter the amount of area that solar PV can be installed on the top. The hyperloop will have a significant amount of space as it snakes the 317 miles along the front range.

calculating area of hyperloop solar pannels


Since there are so many solar companies in Colorado, it would be nice to give contracts to all of them since the work is fairly straightforward… but with utilities like Excel, and maybe Boulder’s own energy utility, it might be difficult to cut deals with these  entities.

Besides, solar is one component to the Hyperloop energy platform. What if there were Ultra-high-voltage electricity transmission along the backbone as well. This would enable power to flow efficiently for the whole length of the hyperloop and might provide redundancy if say in the north sections were snowed under, while it was sunny south of Denver.

These high efficiency lines could also bring sustainable energy from the north east of colorado (like wind energy) to the areas where it is need.

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