Energy Efficiency and Conservation: Using Danish Ideas for a Colorado Hyperloop

The above video was made in Google Earth and shows how the Hyperloop looks from space.

Found this article and it’s about Danish vs US energy strategies. Some main aspects of how it might help a Colorado hyperloop:

  • Invest in further lowering energy use.
  • Have policymakers prompt utilities to launch new businesses for energy efficiency services (ie hyperloop)
  • “Companies can claim credit for energy savings that they themselves helped realized, either by providing technical advice or financial support. The utility‚Äôs involvement needs to be documented before an energy savings project begins. They may also partner with energy savings companies and others to help find opportunities.”… via “energy savings goals in every year.”
  • Collaborate!
Not in the article but the goal would be that using the Hyperloop would have a negative carbon footprint. Combined with a bike and public transport, the as well as the solar panels on top of the hyperloop, the whole system will generated more energy than is used.

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