Crowdsourcing Hyperlink!

Yes! Just read and learned that a group wants to start finding it… but the article doesnt have a direct link, so waiting on that…

Could colorado find the money to build it too? Should I start the crowdfunding initiative?

ohhh just found a link with more details…
The Forbes article goes more in debth:

“The good news for those excited by Musk’s idea is that a small Southern California startup called JumpStartFund, which mixes elements of Kickstarter-like funding and the “wisdom of the crowd” to refine an idea has picked up the Hyperloop concept and will try to advance it closer to reality.

Musk developed the Hyperloop concept with the help of engineers from his two companies and it turns out Andrew Quintero, one of the principals at JumpStartFund, knows Gwynne Shotwell, SpaceX’s President and COO. Through that connection, Quintero apparently suggested JumpStart could try to run with the concept and, literally and figuratively, get the elevated train-like system off the ground. For JumpStartFund, which itself is just getting going, Hyperloop is a bit more ambitious than most of its putative projects, but in a way it fits right in.”

So I guess its a go…How do I insert myself into it…

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