Community Driven Hyperloop Foundation vs Nonprofits Mozilla and the X Prize Foundation

The open source nature of the hyperloop has inspired the creation of The Hyperloop Foundation.

Its vision is… “The Hyperloop Foundation has been formed to serve as catalyst and coordinator of efforts to bring Hyperloop from white paper to reality.”

Its mission… “We will collect research, help contributors coordinate and synchronize their work, and periodically publish updates that combine the best work of the community as a whole.

We will operate discussion forums including newsletters, meetup groups, wikis, etc.

We will track & publicize works in progress, and generally attempt to provide “roadmaps” for various phases of R&D

And we will, above all, be flexible and responsive to the community. We are very aware that if we are not perceived as providing a useful service, we will become irrelevant, and someone else will take our place.

We are not primary engineers, developers, or scientists. Most of the research & development will be done elsewhere, by others; and we only seek or focus these efforts to continue advances of the project.

We are organizers, instigators, and integrators. We’ll attempt to help people reach consensus, provide direction and coordinate for continual improvements and iterations.”

This is great.  However, they mention another foundation that they would like to be modeled after, “We also hope to operate in the “Bazaar” style, and be to the development of the science behind the Hyperloop as Mozilla was to the public Netscape source code as Linus Torvalds is to Linux.”

Ok, well right now Google basically supports much of Mozilla’s operational costs right now… so what other foundations are there to build up a something… the X Prize….

The hyperloop project should take best parts of the X Prize Foundation. Its mission is to “X PRIZE Foundation is an educational nonprofit organization whose mission is to bring about radical breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity.” Perfect. I wonder what kinds of prizes could be awarded in building different parts of the Hyperloop. Why should one company have to build the entire thing? Why cant there be a X Prize style event for separate parts of the Hyperloop? Then when most of the components are built, have a grand X Prize to force all the companies to work together to build an entire system… then could be patented and sold to municipal governments.

Will try and reach out to the X Prize Foundation and the Hyperloop Foundation to seek comment.

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