Hyperloop Events in Colorado

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ColoradoHyperloop.com will track hyperloop events in Colorado (and one in NYC),  so feel free to give us a heads up on any upcoming events you hear about!

Note: Events are subject to change and often cost money, so check the hosting group’s website for the correct information!

October Update

ColoradoHyperloop is a volunteer-citizen let effort. However, we can still shape Hyperloop policy and technology in Colorado as well as nationally and internationally. We hope the following update gives you insights and transparency and spurs you to join the discussion.

  • The ColoradoHyperloop.com website is undergoing a re-organization to be more user-friendly and be more transparent on initiatives for people to join.  Please contact us for ideas or thoughts.
  • We want to invite you to the ColoradoHyperloop Slack Channel: https://coloradohyperloop.slack.com  (Contact us to be invited) for those people that want to help out or just talk about hyperloops.
  • Colorado Hyperloop will be in attendance for the Transit Alliance & Colorado Department of Transportation 2017 Colorado Transportation Summit. Stay tuned for more information.
  • Colorado Hyperloop is working hard to highlight all the candidates for the 2018 Colorado elections. We wish to collect transparent and clear statements where each candidate (running for office and current representatives) stands on a I-25 and I-70 hyperloop connections. We are also learning how to be a pro-hyperloop group in the Colorado State Capital.
  • We are working on creating an online directory of pro-hyperloop organizations in Colorado.
  • We are planning a series of blog and video (possibly live streaming) posts discussing the CDOT public-private partnership documents with Hyperloop One/AECOM.
  • Continue seeking submissions for art or written interpretations of what a Colorado Hyperloop might look like in Colorado or how it could help in the future. Please read this post to learn how to help out.

-The Colorado Hyperloop Team

One Step Closer to a Hyperloop Reality in Colorado 

Colorado Hyperloop Logo

Today is a proud day for the innovators and trailblazers of Colorado. Colorado Hyperloop is thrilled to see the Cheyenne-Denver-Pueblo corridor advance to the final stage of the Hyperloop One Global Challenge. We remain committed to working with other public, private, professional, and passionate teams to test the feasibility of a Hyperloop in our great state and ensure that Coloradoans have a voice in the design process. Colorado Hyperloop looks forward to working with CDOT, Rocky Mountain Hyperloop, and others to make Hyperloop a reality in Colorado.

Watch this space!

-Colorado Hyperloop Team


Read more:

Hyperloop route times in Colorado and how you will get there

Colorado Springs to Denver in 12 minutes with point to point transportation. Wow!

Hyperloop One has an amazing interactive website that will show you the various times it takes to travel in the Hyperloop vs conventional transportation. Check it out here: http://hyperloop-one.com/routes/

Colorado Springs to Denver
Colorado Springs to Denver
Boulder to Denver
Boulder to Denver
Denver to Fort Collins
Denver to Fort Collins
Fort Collins to Pueblo
Fort Collins to Pueblo

So how might you arrive and leave the cities? Arrivo Loop also has amazing renderings of their vehicles or ‘pods.’

Arrivo Loop Pod
Arrivo Loop Pod
Arrivo Loop Pods in tubes
Arrivo Loop pods in tube in a city
Arrivo Loop Pods
Arrivo Loop Pods

Technology and these companies are moving fast! Keep following for more analysis on what these updates will mean for Colorado.

Colorado’s “very strong” case at Hyperloop One’s Global Challange

Colorado Hyperloop Map

As a Semifinalist, Colorado Hyperloop successfully presented to Hyperloop One’s panel of expert judges and advisors today in Washington, DC.
Colorado’s unique geography, city and state buy-in, and amazing people make it a serious contender for this global prize. Today we shared our vision – your vision, as shared with us through surveys, Tweets, art, and dialogue.

More about today’s events in the Denver Business Journal here.

Tomorrow we look forward to continuing to shape the conversation about the Hyperloop’s potential for connecting people and communities along the Front Range and elsewhere.

Read more in Hyperloop One’s press release here.

Thank you so much for your support!

– ColoradoHyperloop team


Final Countdown to Presentation time with Hyperloop Global Challenge: Sign the Colorado Hyperloop Letter of Support

Colorado Hyperloop Logo

City Park Panorama 2 edited

Help us! Sign the Colorado Hyperloop Letter of Support, especially group that have members like Chamber of Commerce and even local government entities in Colorado. Show the hyperloop industry, federal government and Hyperloop leaders that Colorado wants a Hyperloop. Please share if you know them.

Thank you to those Businesses and individuals who have already signed the Letter of Support. You will receive a special thank you after the Global Challenge is complete.

Also, thank you to our dedicated team of volunteers and pro-bono advisors for working so hard to finish the presentation deck for the Global Challenge pitch event on the 5th in Washington DC. It contains 20 visual slides, focuses on the people and civic life of Colorado and has an incredible music video ending!



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Forthcoming Announcement and a New Partnership

First, there will be a big announcement regarding the Colorado Hyperloop that will be made public in the next couple of weeks…

Second, a new partnership is formed with InTheLoop – Conversations In The Pod to provide interviews on Youtube of the influencers who will one day be building a Colorado Hyperloop! If you wish to be interviewed, please contact us!

Stay tuned!