2018 Colorado Governor Candidates Positions on Hyperloop technology in Colorado

Mission: Colorado is a centrally unique location that connects the Western states to Middle America and the East Coast. The decisions that Colorado makes on infrastructure will have implications at a regional and national level.

We hope releasing policy positions will help inform a discussion on shaping fast transportation for citizens and businesses for decades to come.

We are still trying to reach out to the other candidates.  If you know how to reach them better, feel free to provide an opportunity for the candidate to get in touch. Candidates; learn more about Colorado Hyperloop here.

Preliminary findings:  100% of five answering candidates as of February 15th, 2018, believe that a front range high-speed Hyperloop transportation system would be a good idea.

Mike Johnson for Colorado

Mike Johnston

“I think a hyperloop is one of many exciting opportunities emerging that could help us solve our I-25 congestion challenge. Like all other options, this idea will need to be tested and proven and evaluated based on its cost vs its effectiveness to see it is workable for Colorado. It is clear we need to pursue innovative technologies of the future that can help move people faster with reduced emissions and less gridlock, and a hyperloop has the potential to be one of these exciting opportunities. We look forward to seeing more details on its cost, design and impact. As governor, I would encourage Colorado engineering schools to be a part of this emerging field of research, and while I think hyperloop is a good idea, it is too early now to endorse it as the single best plan as it, and many other technologies, are still in testing phases. To learn more about my campaign, and our ideas in other fields, please visit www.mikejohnstonforcolorado.com

Cary Kennedy

“I am very excited about the potential for hyperloop technology. It could be the kind of technology that will help create a transportation system focused on choice, mobility and sustainability. In fact, I included hyperloop as a technology I will continue to develop as Governor. Please find my full plan for infrastructure here:

Noel Ginsburg

“I believe a hyperloop transportation system like the one described in this question is a phenomenal idea, and I fully support it as a long-term project. A hyperloop system that gives residents in Pueblo or Greeley a commute time to Denver in minutes rather than hours will connect Colorado’s communities unlike anything we have seen before. It will give millions of folks new economic and job opportunities across the front range that will truly improve lives. What’s more, this system gives our state opportunities to tackle some of our biggest challenges, because we do have real challenges in Colorado. 50% of our school districts have schools that can only afford to stay open 4 days a week, we are $9 billion behind in infrastructure funding on existing projects, and housing and healthcare costs are becoming unattainable for hard-working Coloradans. Our insufficient infrastructure funding is acknowledged by both parties, and by communities across our state. A hyperloop transportation system is a phenomenal idea, and is something Colorado should work towards. I believe that we must fix the existing broken infrastructure across our state first, and address some of our state’s pressing critical issues today so as Colorado progresses, and we close our spending deficits, we have the workforce, the economy, and the foresight to invest in innovative ideas like a hyperloop transportation system. Read more here: https://www.noelforcolorado.com/innovative-policies/infrastructure/

Erik Underwood

“I am the first gubernatorial candidate to suggest a Hyperloop, [I first spoke about this at the Auraria Gubernatorial Forum in Denver last fall] that would connect from Ft. Collins to Pueblo and beyond. If elected Governor, I would like to work with other surrounding States to explore linking Hyperloops for better interstate commerce. We need clean energy and better transportation that will reduce the carbon footprint on this planet. For more information about my campaign please go to: www.erikunderwood.com”

Jim Rundberg