What is unique about our approach is that we introduced an interdisciplinary, collaborative and participatory approach to developing a Hyperloop in Colorado.
We asked ourselves and hundreds of Coloradans, what if we could help design this project in a way that is more human-centered? To design it in a way that will help the communities and not hurt them.
The Hyperloop is all about connection. It is about eliminating borders and going beyond the limitations of time and space. It is meant to empower communities and that’s why we wanted to incorporate these future users.
We used social media and surveys to gather information about how Coloradans might use a Front Range Hyperloop. Though these surveys we found:

  • Equal interest in a Northern route from Denver to Fort Collins as well as a southern route from Denver to Pueblo.
  • Hyperloop construction would benefit Colorado infrastructure, energy and technology sectors as well as tourism and quality of life measurements. There was special interest in connecting Hyperloop with recreational areas like National Parks, ski and rafting.

Current Colorado Hyperloop surveys:

  1. Tell us your top NEEDs of a Colorado Hyperloop
  2. What I love about my neighborhood in Colorado


Colorado Hyperloop is thrilled to see the Cheyenne-Denver-Pueblo corridor advance to the final stage of the Hyperloop One Global Challenge. Colorado Hyperloop also welcomes and supports Arrivo in their goals in making Colorado a leading pro-mobility technology state. We remain committed to working with other public, private, professional, and passionate teams to test the feasibility of a Hyperloop in our great state and ensure that Coloradoans have a voice in the design process. Colorado Hyperloop looks forward to working with Hyperloop One, Arrivo, CDOT, Rocky Mountain Hyperloop, and others to make Hyperloop a reality in Colorado. Learn more on the frequently asked questions page.


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Past Newsletters:


January 2018 Update

Colorado Hyperloop has been busy working behind the scenes to lay the foundation to best serve you and the idea of a hyperloop in Colorado. Hyperloop interest is increasing with both decision-makers in government, the general public and businesses in Colorado. Survey of the 2018 Colorado Governor Candidates We are thankful for the candidates who …